To best understand this section, you should review the current Priorities and Goals that the City of Reno Council has published.  They can be found here if you would like to read in detail, but in summary, the current goals are: Thriving Downtown and University District, Vibrant Neighborhoods and Public Spaces, Well Managed Growth, Strong Financial Conditions, and Efficient and Dependable Business Environment.  

If you are like me, you might be asking yourself “The mayor set these goals, so where is the progress and where are the results now that we are over 2 years into her term as mayor, not to mention her 2 years as member at large?  When should we be expecting our results?” I work downtown and walk Virginia Street every day, and I can tell you that it is currently a disaster!  All talk, no action.  In fact, we did not have a full-time City Manager for over six months (in 2016-17), and all these priorities appear to have been put on hold for the transition.  The current mayor is over promising and under delivering.  Let’s create priorities and goals set in reality and align all decisions with them.  (Watch a city council meeting and you will see contradictions in the way some members vote when contrasted against their published priorities and goals).

The city staff can be brilliant and can accomplish great things with a clearer vision and better guidance.  I have met so many great people working in City Hall, from the arts and culture director to the city attorneys.  Let's  help them succeed. 

We need more Police and Fire Resources, and I want to start a city-wide initiative where we support these operations greater than we have these past few years.  Safety first!

I will highlight my dream for Reno’s Strategic Priorities and Goals. Any decisions that I will make as the mayor will be made in alignment with these priorities.  With these, we will see a better city.

Homelessness and Affordable Housing

Business Development and Job Creation

Smart Sustainable Growth

City-wide Safety

Better Oversight and Use of Public Spaces

If we adhere to these Priorities, everything else will start to fall into place.