When Can I Vote? - Reno Elections 2018

Voting day is almost here.  The 2018 Reno City Council primaries are less than a month away.  June 12, 2018 is the official voting day where you can help choose the next Reno Mayor, but early voting begins May 26, 2018 in Washoe County.   

It is important to remember that voter turnout in the mid-terms is significantly lower than during years where there is a Presidential election.  This means your vote this year will have more weight and influence towards the future of Reno.   So you should vote!  

If you haven't already registered to vote, today (May 15th) is the last day to do so to make it in time for the primaries.  

We are electing a new Nevada State Governor this year during the 2018 Primaries in Washoe County and the whole state of Nevada.  There are several Republican and Democratic gubernatorial candidates running in that race, which is a partisan race.

Nevadans are also electing US Senate and Congressional seats.  

Unlike the Nevada Governor's Race, the race I am most concerned with is the race for Reno Mayor 2018. This race is non-partisan, meaning your political party affiliation doesn't matter.  The top two candidates in the primary election go to the general Reno Mayoral Elections on November 6, 2018.  I took a year and explored running in this race myself, but I decided not to file after I met with another candidate. 

Here is a list of the candidates still running for Reno Mayor 2018.

John Coristine
Chad Dehne
Michael Hagen
Eddie Lorton
William Mantle
Jesse O Razo
Hillary Schieve
Azzi Shirazi

It is very difficult to find much information about what these candidates believe in.  There are a few that at least have a basic website for research purposes. 

Eddie Lorton is the only candidate in that group, that in my opinion, has a competent website that explains his mission, vision, and goals.   He is fundamentally grounded in reality and understands the job description.

Our current Mayor has been in office for 6 years, and her website only highlights seven bullet points of things that have happened in the city during that time. She has not painted a clear vision for the future, and I still believe she is taking credit for the work of others. 

Azzi Shirazi at least has a website and you can learn a little about her vision there.  I'm not quite sure she understands what a mayor does though. 

To view a list of all the candidates, visit this website