Eddie Lorton for Reno Mayor 2018

Reno Mayor Race 2018 Campaign Updates - April 21, 2018

Hello Reno voters.  The city council has many seats up for grabs this year, and the candidates for Reno City Council are now public knowledge. The Reno primary elections are sneaking up, and will be held here in June 2018 - this means early voting will start in May. Now is the time to start researching and learning more about the candidates for Reno City Council, including the Reno Mayoral Race. Below is my opinion and strategy going forward. 

First, I did not file for Reno Mayor in 2018, and am not an official candidate at this time.  I am deferring to a later Reno City Council election and will conduct another exploratory campaign in advance of that and will be sure to let you know when I kick that off.

Next, I am supporting Eddie Lorton for Reno Mayor 2018.  Why? Here is my story.

I decided to run for Reno Mayor originally because I disagree with the current Reno City Council.  I work downtown, and its a become worse than ever due to the lack of efforts by the City Council.  I believe that they are run by lobbyists and special interest groups, and that they don't understand the laws in Nevada and Washoe County, nor what their roles are intended to be, nor the basic needs of the residents of Reno.  They are an isolate group that doesn't represent the city. They show youthful optimism for appearance reasons but lack common sense, use discretionary funds (donate them) to buy votes, and govern like they are a legislative body when, in fact, they are an oversight board over the City Staff.  Our own mayor even tried to manipulate Nevada State Legislation last May to give herself veto power over the other council members, and thus create a "Reno President" position so she would have extreme power and control.  I could make this paragraph 10 pages long, but I will instead be posting more here on this blog in the near future. 

In March 2018, Eddie Lorton and I were gearing up to spend the primaries campaigning against each other.  Reno's elections are a top-two non-partisan election, the incumbent is highly funded and will likely pass the primaries no problem.  Eddie Lorton and I would have been wasting time and money, but we are both reasonable and approachable men. Mr. Lorton reached out to me for a meeting.  We have the same goals, and thus, it made sense for us to work together. We are attempting to shift the Reno City Government in an honest direction.  We both want smarter spending, we don't monopolies in our community, we want better deals and smarter contracts, we want full transparency, and we want the citizens of Reno to stop being fleeced.

Please support Mr. Lorton with me.  Give him a call or shoot him an email.  He is great about responding.  Visit his website to learn more about why Eddie Lorton should be the next Reno Mayor.