Reno Mayor's Race - Should you vote for Eddie Lorton?

In a mayor’s race, it is not always popular to vote for the challenger. An incumbent mayor like Hillary Schieve has a major advantage and many more resources at her disposal for her mayoral re-election campaign. The primaries showed she had a major lead, but the primaries also had a super low voter turnout.

Today, as we near election day on November 6 here in Reno, Nevada, I pose the question…Should I vote for Eddie Lorton? Mr. Lorton has a saying, “An educated voter is a dangerous voter [for incumbents]”. I thought this was a funny saying, and didn’t get it at first. However, I understand now.

Last Thursday, the city of Reno was lucky to get to witness a Reno Mayoral debate 2018. Mayor Hillary Schieve and Eddie Lorton squared off at the Peppermill and answered citizen submitted question from moderators from the RGJ. A good friend of mine was completely uneducated on the Reno Mayor’s Race 2018, and had heard from neither candidate. He had no bias that I am aware of, and I could have seen him voting either way. Five days after that debate, we grabbed lunch to discuss the entire ballot for the Nevada Elections 2018. He told me that after watching the debate, he thought Eddie Lorton had better answers and that he had decided to vote for him for Reno Mayor 2018.

Before the debates, I was afraid this Reno Mayor’s race would end up being partisan - even though it is a non-partisan race. Hillary would get much of the liberal/Democratic vote because she endorsed Sisolak for Governor, and Hillary Clinton in 2016, and I assumed Eddie would fetch most of the conservative/Republican votes. Now that I see people listening to the debates and hearing what the candidates ideas and visions are, I think Mr. Lorton could win over some of the undecided votes - enough to win.

So to answer my original question, the answer isn’t yes or no, but you should educate yourself on the Reno Mayoral Candidates 2018. I am voting for Mr. Lorton, but that should be obvious because I had planned to run against our current mayor a year ago. Check our Mr. Lorton’s 2022 plan on his website.

And finally, I want to leave you with a message I posted on Facebook to my friends last week. This is my two cents on the Reno Mayor elections 2018. I wrote this for my friends, but I will share it with you as well. Thanks again for your time, and you may be hearing from me again in 2020.

“Political post alert. If you aren't getting blasted by political ads enough, let me chime in! Specifically, Reno voters. With early voting beginning tomorrow, I would like to ask for your support in voting in for Eddie Lorton for Reno Mayor.

I'd like to explain why if you are interested in a read. If you feel the need to comment, please keep things either factual or respectful, preferably both. I won't be responding to any comments though because I'll be too busy voting or washing my hair.

This is the first time I have been closely and personally involved in a political race. I teetered on the edge of filing and running for mayor myself. In a last minute effort, Eddie Lorton reached out to me before the March filing date. We had lunch and we discussed why we wanted to be the mayor. Although we have different personalities and backgrounds, turns out we have similar visions. Here is mine: "We are a multi-cultural innovative city with a thriving tourism industry, perfect for businesses and families, thanks in part to our access to outdoor activities, specials events, and world-class higher education institutions."

To contrast, here is Hillary's as publish on "We are a vibrant university town known for our outdoor activities, special events, arts and culture and innovative industries."

Hillary and I had a similar meeting (at my request) the previous May because I wanted to ask her why she tried to get veto power over the council and essentially become the president of Reno. First, it took me 8 weeks to get a meeting with her. Then, that meeting was incredibly awkward. Before we could even get into the nuts and bolts of an honest discussion, she was called away because "New York was on the line" and our 12 minute meeting was up.

Last night I was at the mayoral debate at the Peppermill, and both Hillary and Eddie came up to me and said hello. I truly like them both as people, and they both know me by name which is super cool. Neither of them are bad people, but they are vastly different when it comes to how they deal with city issues. Neither of them are perfect, but they are both passionate and believe in their causes.

I have worked downtown for 3 years, and walk Virginia Street five days a week. It is very scary and sad, even at 10 a.m. in the morning on a the point where I will NOT bring my kids downtown in broad daylight. If anyone would like to experience this, send me a DM and let's take a walk next week. We can go around by the bus stop, then back down Center and end at the library and early vote there.

Downtown has been getting noticeably worse and now its spreading, even as far as my home 3 miles away. Two nights ago we had another stabbing on Virginia Street in front of the Little Nugget. It has been less than 30 days since the last stabbing before that on that block. There has been so much talk of making improvements to homelessness, drug abuse, shelters, affordable housing, etc., but NOTHING is getting noticeably improved. My logic currently is: Hillary has been on the city council for 6 years, and if she couldn't get change in the first 6 years, why do we think she will get it in the next 4?

I strongly believe in shorter term limits as well. 6 years is a long time, 12 even longer, and some ex-council members want to extend it to 24 years. Change is good and is expected in a government such as ours. There needs to be a the force. Ebb and flow, yin and yang.

I could get into each issue and why I agree or disagree with what should be done, but I'll only do that over beers if you are truly interested, but the main reason I support Eddie is because what we have now isn't working.

Finally, here is a straight list of why I like Eddie Lorton for mayor over the mayor today.

> He may be conservative, but he is supported by the most liberal city council member - Jenny Brekhus.
> He believes in city art, but not at the tax payers' expenses, and only after we have solved for police, fire, public works, safety, city debt, parks and rec, etc. 
> He is looking forward. Hillary keeps looking back. 
> He is super accessible. Hillary is really hard to get in touch with. 
> Hillary takes way too much credit for things that she had little or nothing to do with. I struggle with her honesty. 
> He has plan, and it will actually work I believe. He is pretty upfront and straightforward about it. 
> The current city council is too close of a group and almost always vote the same, minus Brekhus. We more variance in opinions and ideas. The current council is also taking waaaayyyy too much direction from outside special interests. 
> Eddie wants laws to be followed and enforced. I can't emphasize how important this is. Come downtown and I'll show you people breaking laws that are NEVER enforced, then we will finish our walk over at the library where you can early vote.

I've got some more things I could add, but this post seems super long. Anyways, thanks for reading. If anyone has questions, honestly just tag Eddie Lorton in your comment. He responds to almost every single tag because its a priority to him.”