This is not what Downtown Revitalization looks like.

Happy Saturday everyone.  Just attended the Women's March down here on the plaza. ( I work next door to City Hall, BTW).  Quick side note to begin - we offer free parking to the March goers at our parking structure on Center Street.  Why does the City not also offer free parking to the marchers for big events like these? City Hall was still charging $1 an hour if you wanted to use their parking structure on the plaza. 

Anyways, for today's thoughts, I offer to you my thoughts on what Downtown Revitalization is not.  In this week's State of the City presented by Mayor Schieve, she mentioned downtown is revitalized (see slide attached above).  First off, I cannot safely bring my kids downtown on a Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. and walk from City Hall to the Eldorado.  It is dangerous and often filled with drug dealers or people who are not in a sound place of mind.  She failed to mention that one week ago, at 11 a.m. there was a murder in cold blood on the doorsteps of the Eldorado, and a stabbing at the Little Nugget two nights before. Downtown is not revitalized, and a commitment of 30 more cops over the next two years is not nearly enough!  Not to mention that some officers will retire in that period.  As mayor, I will stop at nothing but getting Reno up to the national average of police officers.  I remember, in high school, you could not drive down Lakeside Dr. without seeing a speed trap on any given weekday.  I haven't seen a speed trap there in over ten years, and I drive that route daily. 

Finally, I appreciate the effort, but its not enough.  We cannot measure the success of a city by the number of new bars opened by private citizens, or a rock wall that the average citizen cannot actually climb, or the ability to ride a raft on a river that has actually always been there, even before when Reno was Lake's Crossings. 

Reno is going in the wrong direction.  Let's change that.