Election Year is here! Reno Mayor Election 2018

It is election year folks. I am excited to compete in this election because I know this campaign has a legitimate shot.  Reno citizens are not as content with the current status quo as some folks think they are.  I have a couple of big updates I want to share with everyone. 

The first is that I've been busy the past six months out in the community listening and learning about the concerns of home owners, business leaders, politicians, and people involved in the city management.  

Things are better than 2010 economically for most, but almost a decade on, there are new problems and a lot of people don't feel like the new problems are being addressed.  Here is a quick list of those topics: Public safety, under-staffed police, the lack of sufficient roadway safety, illegal drug dealers are on the rise, rising numbers of homeless,  affordable housing, under-planned property and land development and zoning issues, new businesses problems, and lack of focus on social issues.  There are still concerns that city monies are being spent too generously on pork belly projects and not enough on infrastructure, public works,  safety, our schools and parks, etc.  There is a large portion of the Reno body asking for the city government to start doing things differently. 

My second big announcement is that I am in it to win it, but on as small of a budget as possible necessary to get my message out there.  Wouldn't that be an amazing thing - to win a Reno Mayoral race without fundraising ~$400k. We could show the country that politics should not be about the money.  I am not a politician.  I am a 4th generation Reno resident, UNR grad, with a wife and two kids, who has worked at a number of very successful local businesses in marketing departments. The current condition of the national political scene is tiring and depressing.  Politics is turning into a popularity contest.  Polarized parties deploy the same tactics to harm the other party then do the same thing the minute its advantageous to them.  I really don't want to take money from hard working Reno citizens simply to fund the media placements of my campaign.  So citizens, keep your money, and instead ask five of your close friends to read my website and if they like it, vote for me.  If you believe in my message, I will except your donation but I've got to at least meet with you.  We don't need faceless money putting people into office. 

My third and final point in this post is related to the above item, but I simply want to say that this campaign is going to be non-traditional in nature.  You will never see me rent a ballroom and have a black-tie event.  You might see me at a local craft beer bar giving a quick speech about why we need to get the homeless off the streets of Reno and into a system that nurtures them into a stable way of life.  If I get to the point where I can buy TV ads, billboards, radio, posters, then that is great, but that is not the goal of this campaign.  The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness of the new issues Reno citizens are facing, and get whichever candidate becomes the next mayor to also care about these issues and make them a priority.