Reno Mayor Campaign 2018 - Summer 2017 Update

Congratulations to Eddie Lorton for announcing he is running in the 2018 Reno mayoral race.

As of today, there are three candidates for Reno Mayor in 2018 with official announcements.  Mr. Lorton, Current Mayor Hillary Schieve, and myself.  I am very excited to see if anyone else will throw their hat into this historic race in the coming months.  I look forward to hearing more from Mayor Schieve and Mr. Lorton in the coming months to see where we agree and disagree on issues. 

After this past presidential election in 2016, I originally was concerned that voters would feel  election fatigue from such a long and combative campaign season.  However, in speaking with the Reno voters, their interest in politics is still hot! I feel that the Reno Mayoral election in 2018 should get a lot of attention, but I am concerned it could be overshadowed by the Nevada gubernatorial election of 2018. 

I am looking forward to the future debates to come!