Finally, Some Action! Reno Mayor Candidate Thoughts on the Downtown Reno Clean Up

The local news has been reporting stories recently on the efforts of the Reno City Council and their efforts to begin a downtown redevelopment and clean up.  Here is an article that came out yesterday from KRNV on the Mayor's current undertaking: Reno mayor unveils 'Blight Buster' initiative to clean up motels in downtown corridor

I have a couple of quick thoughts on this subject.  

First, I say thank you!  Let's keep this momentum going.  Good job! I want to one day walk downtown and feel safe, and be able to visit stores, bars, and restaurants in a clean welcoming environment. 

But second, and this is me being more of a realist than optimist, these efforts have taken way too long to get going.  Our Mayor, who is spearheading this initiative, campaigned on this subject.  Today is May 18, 2017.  The Mayor was initially elected to Reno City Council on November 6, 2012, and later elected Mayor on November 4, 2014.  That means that Reno's current mayor has been in office for 1,654 days.  I personally feel like it has taken far too long to get the ball rolling on the downtown renovation and cleanup.

Three days ago she was quoted as saying you won't recognize Reno in three years. (Full story here from KOLO).  That is another 1,095 days. 

Reno needs a big vision and needs the results now. 

My final thoughts after hearing and reading these recent stories are this: 1) We shouldn't be celebrating anything yet because very little has been accomplished, 2) four and half years at any job or in office is a long time to allow a problem to continue without taking immediate action, and 3) as a parent, if my kids make a mess, I don't start telling everyone how successful I am as a parent because I asked my kids to clean up the toys.  I just help them to clean them up because it is my responsibility as their authority figure to make sure they get the results we as a family need.