Reno City Hall Parking Garage is now charging the public to park

FULL ARTICLE: Reno puts in paid parking system at downtown City Hall garage

So here's the thing...

I understand the intentions of charging for parking, and in most metro areas this is a good way to generate revenue for the garage owner.  However, downtown Reno is not the typical metro area and that is because casinos are famously know for FREE PARKING.  Unless there are major events in downtown Reno, the parking at the Casinos is free. So my question to the Reno City Council, who approved the funds, is why would anyone park in the City Hall Parking Garage and pay a dollar an hour when there is free parking nearby?  

 I understand you can get your parking ticket validated if you go into City Hall on city business, but again, now the person has to get validation at all, and that can be a time consuming process.  Tourists visiting downtown Reno and locals going out for the evening aren't going to be able to get validation from City Hall either.  

The parking gates project cost the City over $240,000, and my question is: With free parking across the street and down the street at a private garages, and the cost of City Hall parking at $1 an hour per vehicle, and with much of the garage used for free staff parking during the weekday, what is the expected ROI (return on investment) on this project and when will the city start actually generating revenue?

If the goal of these gates and downtown paid parking is merely to discourage the general public and downtown business customers from parking in the City Hall garage, then I guess this project will succeed.   

"E.8 - City Hall Parking Garage

Council unanimously approved an award of contract to Nelson Electric Company to install three new access gates at the City Hall parking garage in an amount not to exceed $247,771 from the City Capital Projects Fund."

When I say "Better Stewardship of Resources", this is what I mean.  

Update 4/18/17: Today I watched several vehicles turn into the City Hall parking garage, stop and read the parking rates, then back up and drive across three lanes to the free parking on the other side of the street.