Reno 2018 Election Mayor Candidate
The Reno Arch Downtown Reno


I want to be see a fundamental shift in the city management of Reno, and it start with this:





When I see the City Council Meeting highlights and review budget sheets for Reno's expenditures, or when I hear what the city council approved for certain projects, I see waste. Contracts need to be reviewed by staff that know the cost of projects, labor and work, and the legal implications of the terms within.  I’ve run businesses, and I can tell you that the city is spending too much to get the services it needs.  My current employer has over 15 elevators and escalators, and we pay less for monthly maintenance on those 15 than the city does for just two City Hall Parking Garage Elevators. 

The City does not need to hire expensive outside consultant firms to tell us our priorities.  Consultants are expensive, and they are often don't deliver results.  The city staff can do it, and they can be held accountable to measurable goals.  Let the city manage the city.  Stop sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to consultants.  Create local jobs.  Spend that money locally and let the local workers work, and create jobs in the process.  

On top of that, if you are going the consultant route, stop hiring out-of-state consultants.  They don't know the pulse of this community.  They might have a few good ideas, but with city planning, it is never a one size fits all scenario. They need to stop trying to bring new ideas from other cities into our city without adjusting them to fit the political, social and economic factors of the region.  

We should not privatize areas of city governance and get the city entangled with complicated contracts. Build a better, stronger city government that creates local jobs, and let them work.  Keep the tax dollars in our community.  City Hall needs to stay accountable, and privatization and consultants are a simple way for the city to dodge this responsibility.

The City needs to acquire and retain brilliant people and let them work without being micromanaged.  Staff should be given goals and be held accountable.  City Hall needs to be a collaborative environment, built on the encouragement of imagination and innovation, to cultivate success.

The City should be meeting with the citizens and business owners, and using that feedback to enhance the Vision and Mission.  The City needs to work with Washoe County Officials more closely as well - we are all on the same team. 

City staff, Legal Counsel and Human Resources need to handle all situations appropriately, including situations that may deal with worker’s rights. As citizens, we can no longer allow the city to incubate situations that result in runaway lawsuits that cost the tax payers their money.