Brandon Siri. Candidate for Reno Mayor 2018. Better for Business. Better for Families.

UPDATE: I am no longer running in 2018.  Before the filing period, I met with a future opponent, Mr. Eddie Lorton.  We had a fantastic meeting and discovered that we share mutual interests and goals.  We are not politicians, but businessmen who believe in common sense in government. I did not file, and have instead decided to help Mr. Lorton going into the primaries.  I highly suggest you visit his website here

Why Brandon?  Socially progressive and financially conservative. Pro business-lead economy to put and keep more dollars in the hands of Reno citizens. 

The key focal points for me are: proactive leadership, safe communities, economic development, homelessness solutions, affordable housing and housing stability, and smarter stewardship of city resources including staff/labor and money.
— Brandon Siri

 A message from Candidate Brandon Siri


Hello Reno.  I’m Brandon J. Siri and I hope to be your next Mayor in 2018.

Unlike a lot of political candidates' websites, my website isn't just for donations. This site is a regularly updated extension of me, packed with tons of content so my fellow Reno residents can get to know my values. I believe transparency is important.  Historically, on election day, many voters head to the polls knowing very little about the candidates.  To me, this is very frustrating.  You don't have to rely on old articles and simple signage to get to know me. You can just read this site, and I'll include links to relevant media, as well as my commentary.  I will be updating this site regularly throughout the campaign.  See what I have to offer, and contact me if you have questions.  

I am enthusiastic for you to get to know me and what my vision is for my hometown, Reno.


I love Reno.  I am a 4th generation Reno resident, and my children are now the 5th.  I am not a career politician, nor do I plan to be one.  I intend to serve one term as Reno Mayor if elected.  Read my résumé. I am a local businessman with strong leadership experience who sees an opportunity to make Reno better.  Reno is on the move.  I have watched our community grow recently (finally) and welcomed many new friends to Reno, and it looks like the population growth will continue for years to come.  Reno has had a shifting economy over the past three decades, and right now we are at a crossroads.

Reno needs a BIG SIZED vision.  and Now. 

The mission, vision, priorities and goals crafted under the current leadership are small and out of touch with Reno’s economic potential. Areas of Reno are becoming more unsafe, vacant, and blighted.  Other areas are undergoing gentrification and displacing people.  In my opinion, there has also been a lot of misuse of city resources and wasted money recently. We citizens are at a point where we need to decide whether we want to settle for small localized renovations and pet projects , or if we want to see big growth in areas that are necessary and turn Reno into the major economic center it once was.  We need to focus on the health of Reno.  We need to grow, but cautiously and strategically so that if hard times ever hit again we will be prepared. 

City of Reno for Business

For the first time in history, we are dealing with an aging 150 year old city that is rapidly growing and creating new challenges never before faced here locally.  We need city management and council members who are smart leaders capable of steering the city and its businesses away from insolvency and towards a bright future. This coming election, citizens of Reno must choose to either settle for the current status quo -- over-due, off-target, over-promised agendas, or, if you are like me, you can choose to see Reno use its budget appropriately to rebuild the community – and NOW.

More conservative values with smarter budgeting, and smarter spending. Let's get rid of excessive spending, pay off more of the city debt, and save for the rainy days.  

The current leadership at city council has me concerned.  I attended the State of the City Address 2017 and did NOT hear a clear strategic vision for Reno's future.  I heard a lot of boasting and backward looking aggrandizement.  In talking with many local business leaders since my campaign announcement in April of 2017, I am hearing more and more that Reno is a false business-friendly environment.   Even though the council members are well liked, I am hearing that there is a lack of confidence in the city council.  Even though there is growth and business development, many businesses are still struggling. Many areas of Reno remain unsafe, we have far less police than the national average for cities our size, homeless people still don't know where to go, and blight is still a growing problem.

I am a member of the Downtown Maintenance Committee, and I can tell you that the City Council wants you to believe that Downtown Revitalization this is a top priority, but they are not listening to the guidance of downtown business owners and residents regarding how to make downtown a better destination.  They are throwing a lot of money at a problem and getting nowhere fast.  Look at the blighted vacant properties that are still there today.  It is one thing to talk about solutions, but its another thing to deliver action and results.  The response seems to be that we Reno residents need to wait for state legislation before they can act, or we must wait for the county to assist first.  Look how many vacant commercial properties are available, and completely unkempt. I have brought up several issues concerning the well-being of the homeless and the gang problems, and these topics are either deferred to later dates, or dismissed as a problem of the county.  I'm tired of waiting. I want to see proactive measures.  

Let the City Staff do the work. Reno City Council is a like board. They should approve and deny projects and budgets. They should work through the City Manager for all projects.
— Brandon Siri

The BELIEVE Statue on City Plaza downtown is nice, but for me, it is the start of an incomplete sentence.  We need to finish the sentence.  We need to make it stand for something.   

I BELIEVE there is a bright future on the horizon.  I BELIEVE we can clean up Reno.  I BELIEVE in workers and businesses and give them the credit for the economic success we are seeing.  I BELIEVE in families and the Reno way of life.  I BELIEVE in a well-managed budget.  I BELIEVE in kindness and inclusion for all.  I BELIEVE in setting goals and holding people accountable.  I BELIEVE in a BIG SIZED vision.


I think new leadership is a good thing. I know Reno can become a greater city than it ever has been.  Reno is amazing, we just need leadership at City Hall.  I believe in growing our business sectors, increasing tourism, weeding out misappropriation of city funds, better budgeting and planning, safety, cleaning up the blight, and improving our neighborhoods for our families.

 I have watched City Council meetings where they defer issue after issue, or unanimously approve every agenda items without discourse.  We need to have intelligent discussions, debates based on actual facts, and compromise.

SAVE OUR CITY!  Progressive movements do not always have to involve massive spending.  

After years of cut-backs and hard choices, Reno is slowly recovering thanks to the efforts of the citizens.  The City of Reno Annual Report 2017 published by Mayor Schieve at her 2017 State of the City Address want you to believe that she is the reason that our city has been recovering, but in truth, it is us citizens who are the ones succeeding.  If you believe the renovations happening at the downtown casinos or the tech jobs coming to Northern Nevada are solely because of the city council and staff, you are mistaken.

Innovation is vital for the growth and survival of any city. We need to be disciplined and strategic in our approach, and remain laser focused on the future.
— Brandon Siri

Reno is filled with smart, hard-working people and they deserve a city council that makes doing business easy again.  We citizens are on the move, building and making things better.  The citizens are crafting a success story, while the Reno government is recovering from years of mismanagement and inaction. We need to refocus in 2018.  Now, more than ever, we need a Mayor that will help all of Reno. I don't want to focus on small initiatives, but I want an encompassing strategy that we stick to.  

We must bring more money to our city through tourism.  We need to get refocused and stop trying to be everything to everyone.  As a marketer, I know this doesn't work.  We are fortunate to have an established gaming industry that attracts so many people to Reno, that our hotels are great, that our Airport Authority is so strong, that our outdoor activities are world-class, and our restaurants and nightlife are so vibrant.  We need to bring in city-wide revenue from outside sources, then we need to spend local.  

I want to focus on local jobs, and jobs with high wages.  I want to focus on creating more jobs in Reno for people who have college degrees. I can't tell you how many people I have known that graduated UNR with a degree and couldn't secure a job in our area.  This needs to change. 

As Nevadans, we need to appreciate that our lack of state income taxes pave the way for great lifestyles. We need to remember that gaming and tourism taxes help pay our way.  We need to remember that Reno was built on tourism and focus on our core again, then use this as a major advantage to attract new high-wage earning industries.  I love technology manufacturing companies ( I worked for a few) and I love entrepreneurial businesses (I worked for a few of those too).  We also need to keep supporting our world-class healthcare and insurance providers ( I also worked in that field).  I love our local education options ( I attended pre-school through my college degree here locally).  

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.  Your opinion counts. My political ideology is always influenced by the feedback I receive from people like you.  Use the Contact Brandon Form to let me know what you think. 

In closing, it is time for a BIG SIZED vision. It is time for accountability.  It is time for businesses and workers to have a voice.  On that note, let me know what is important to you by using the hashtags #BIGSIZEDVisionReno or #Reno2018.

Brandon Siri, Reno Mayor Candidate 2018



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